building course laminatet bow

during an extended weekend, the students will build, under expert instruction, their own glass laminated bow. the course starts on friday afternoon at about 16:30 and lasts until sunday afternoon. after an instructive and intense weekend, participants can take home their own finished bow. the bow is individualized and optimized aafter theiown ideas.


various bow profiles / shapes, a large number of different woods for lims and risers pieces, as well as a variety of design options, offer a variety of combination options to make the bow your own. the participants should know what wood they want to use for the limbs and the riser as early as possible, but not later than 1 month before the date of the course, so that special types of wood can still be provided in good time.


In the course, the participants will carry out all the different work steps from sawing and grinding the riser piece, to laminating the wooden sheets and the glass together to finally shaping the limbs and applying the finish. of course, during the course, if so desired and time permits, certain steps and procedures in theory and practice may be explained and demonstrated in greater detail.


no special skills are required for the course, every man / woman with average craftsmanship skills can successfully build a great bow in this course. the number of students is limited to a maximum of 2 persons, so that the expert has enough time to explain and demonstrate all steps.


the basic costs for the course are sfr. 700.-, but may vary slightly depending on the desired pieces of wood and options. Included in the price is the material for the bow ( wood laminations, glass, riser piece, consumables ), as well as a lunch on saturday and sunday. when booking the course you have to pay a deposit of sfr. 200.-. the balance is to be paid during the course.


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