the book that explains all for those that want to know how to build a glass bow. on 92 pages everything you need to know is shown step by step with a practical example. from the design of the bow, building the bow form to the finished bow a lot of topics are treated...

- bow design
- calculating the lams
- what tools do i need
- glue up
- tillering
- apply the finish

...and a lot more. every step is explained in an easy understandable way with lots of pictures. also included are the drawings for a deflex/reflex-longbow with a moderate profile, a onepiece recurve and the bow forms for both bows.

interested ? download a preview of the ebook with the table of contents and a few extracts....


the complete ebook with 87 pages, packed with lots of informations and hints about how to build a glass bow, can be bought here for SFr. 15.-

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